The Hummingbird Capsule (Autumn/Winter 2023)

Collection: The Hummingbird Capsule (Autumn/Winter 2023)

This is our first capsule as the new owners! We were so excited to bring all the threads together and weave the picture painted to us.

God showed us a small hummingbird and a serene garden.

The little Hummingbird represents beauty, faith and hope.

See the beauty within and around you, take time to regain hope for that which was lost and find faith for the future. But most of all live in the present.

The garden is a quiet place full of life, yet busyness can so easily swallow us in. We need to be reminded to just BE. Be quiet, be still, be at peace, be content. Be clothed in grace.

May the lively greens and blues of this capsule remind you of life and the jewel tone pinks and purples encourage you to drink from His sweet nectar.

Rest, dream, play and have fun when you wear this. Be blessed.

We invite you to take a step into the garden, be still, seek the hummingbird within you and then take flight!