Woman is My Name

Collection: Woman is My Name

Real Women. Real Stories. Real Inspiration.

That it was gave birth to this capsule. It honours extraordinary women that are amongst us and have gone before us. It's a tribute to the women who inspire us through who they are, how they overcame, the story that they tell and the ability to be brave and free to what God has called them to be.

Every woman has a story. Not one is the same and the biggest trap we can step into, is to compare with one another. We all have different strengths and victories that can help one another to grow, conquer and flourish. 

May the woman behind each clothing piece or dress inspire you with their story. The print, design, style and fabric is true to who they are. Perhaps you can well identify with some styles as they represent the every day "heroes" in our lives that God has used to shape us and others.

This capsule celebrates the women who make a difference in the world, big or small. We are helpers, we are nurtures, we have inner strength, we are mothers, we are daughters and we carry God's heart.

So be brave, be beautiful, be inspired and most of all be YOU. We need it.

Woman is my name