About Hadassa

Clothing Women in Grace

Hadassa means myrtle tree in Hebrew. It’s an evergreen tree that symbolises peace, love and prosperity. LIFE.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream come true is like a tree of life” – Proverbs 13:12

Hadassa is a dream come true. A tree of life - for us, for you and for those who make each and every garment.

It is a platform to clothe women in grace - encouraging them to thrive, dream bigger, embrace their femininity, believe and regain hope.

It is the heartbeat of God coming alive through the fibers of every piece of cloth.

It is a journey of trust and faith – a garment of praise and thankfulness that we get to clothe ourselves with daily.

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The Story of Hadassa

Fashion with purpose

Hadassa was also the name of Queen Esther. In 2016 Mine van Schalkwyk founded this business through faith after her Esther journey: encouraging women to dress themselves with beautiful reminders of God’s promises.

At the end of 2022 Mine felt it was time to hand over the Hadassa crown for the next chapter of her journey.

God works in mysterious ways. We didn’t look for it, we didn’t’ force it. It just came our way - through the obedience of a friend sharing it with us and encouraging us to investigate. So on the 1st of March 2023, after many prayers and conversations - It happened! The next season of Hadassa.

We have always dreamt of tackling a business venture together but the timing was never right. We both sacrificed and laid down “our plans” – doing what God asked us to do in the previous seasons of our lives.

With Hadassa it was as if God dusted off the dream, germinated the seeds planted in our hearts and brought it to life. All in His perfect timing…

So don’t forget the sacrifices, remember the dreams, hold on to hope and find the faith.
God knows. He is with you.

Whether you share our faith or not: May you be blessed and encouraged with the story each garment tells. Locally made with love.
May you be clothed in grace.

The Story of Us

Hearts & Dreams align

Our friendship was born as bright-eyed students with big dreams to rule the world! Well, in truth, we didn’t seek each other out - it was our moms' fault. At first year university orientation in our residence our moms sat next to each other and decided we have to become friends! Perhaps they could see that which we later discovered -
our hearts were aligned and we would share the same dreams.

Since then we have done life together - shared loss, comforted heartache, encouraged through the tough times, loved through our differences, rejoiced in the celebrations and continued the journey with our own families.

So this “prearranged” friendship turned out to be a deeper gift from God spanning decades. We’ve always been there for one another.

We both deeply love colour, exploring new places and discovering beauty all around us. We love to encourage women to embrace their full potential. We share a love and hope in our country, its people, and the incredible local wares they produce.

Hadassa is not just about us - it is your journey as well! It's about bringing to life that which might have been buried, celebrating the beauty God has created, clothing one another in grace and supporting our local communities.
We are excited for this next season and invite you to journey with us!

Paulette & Berdine